Troubleshooting Your Breast Implants

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Every patient goes into her breast augmentation surgery feeling confident that her results are going to change the way she looks and feels about her body for many years. While this is true for the majority of patients, a few find their results aren’t up to par. More often than not, dissatisfaction is created by complications that occur after surgery. While the best way to avoid most major complications is choosing a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, there are some situations that can occur that even the best surgeons can’t prevent. Here at Timeless Plastic Surgery, we have performed thousands of breast surgeries and breast revision surgeries. Breast revision surgery is necessary in some cases to correct a complication associated with breast augmentation surgery. Below are some of the most common reasons for breast revision surgery.

Implant Size

The most common reason a woman undergoes breast revision surgery is to change the size of her implants. The problem many women face is that, once the swelling subsides, the implants do not yield the desired size, and they feel their breasts are still too small. In these cases, the small implants are removed and replaced with larger implants. Some patients feel that their implants are too large and wish to replace the large implants with smaller ones. In these cases, some restructuring of the breast pocket and surrounding tissue may be necessary since the tissue is likely stretched from the large implant.

Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation, a capsule of scar tissue naturally forms around the implant, and that’s normal. Sometimes this capsule hardens and constricts the implant, causing pain and the breast to appear and feel hard. This condition is called a capsular contracture. It is almost impossible to predict who may develop capsular contracture or why some patients develop this complication and others do not. There are many possible causes of capsular contracture. It is a condition that can be treated but not cured. Correcting capsular contracture involves surgery to release the scar tissue capsule. In severe cases, the implant and capsule are completely removed, and a new implant is placed.

Implant Rupture

A leak or rupture is a complication a few patients experience. For patients with saline implants, this is usually obvious because the deflated implant is seen almost immediately. Ruptures in silicone implants are harder to detect and require an MRI to officially diagnose it. You should contact your surgeon as soon as possible if you believe one of your implants has ruptured. A ruptured implant is removed, the breast pocket cleaned, and a new implant is placed. The implant manufacturer will cover some of the costs to replace them.

Rippling Or Wrinkling

This complication is typically seen in thinner patients or patients with thin skin and very small breasts. Rippling or wrinkling is often seen in these patients when the breast implants are too large for the patient. The breast implants are replaced by smaller implants. All implants have rippling, but silicone implants have less.

Implant Malposition

There are cases in which the implant doesn’t settle into a pleasing position. For some, an anatomical implant rotates in the pocket, creating an unnatural breast slope. In other cases, one or both of the implants don’t drop and remain positioned high on the chest. This complication can cause the breasts to appear unnatural and clearly augmented, a look many women wish to avoid.

Bottoming Out

This complication occurs when the implant becomes too heavy for the bottom breast tissue to support it. This situation causes the implant to slip past and rest below the bottom breast tissue. The nipple may rise and appear higher.


This complication occurs when the implant remains in the correct position, but the breast tissue sags below the implant. This situation creates the appearance of two mounds under the breast – the implant outline and the breast. Treatment for double-bubble depends on the severity of the condition. Although mild cases of double-bubble can improve on their own, most require surgical correction.

At Timeless Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are well-trained and experienced in breast revision surgery. During your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your condition and develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs and provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results.

If you are experiencing a complication with one or both of your breast implants, schedule your consultation with Timeless Plastic Surgery. Don’t live feeling disappointed with the results of your breast augmentation. Call our office today at (281) 242-8463 (TIME), or fill out our online contact form for more information.


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