Can I Get Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

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There are many things about ourselves that we can easily fix, hide, or alter if they make us unhappy with our appearance. However, there are some aspects of appearance that can leave us open to ridicule. The ears, second only perhaps to the nose, are the object of much teasing and self-consciousness. 


You can absolutely have procedure to reshape the look of your ears. Cosmetic ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is designed to correct overly large, prominent, or misshapen ears. At Timeless Plastic Surgery in the Houston, TX area, our physicians have extensive experience performing ear surgery that can correct the appearance of your ears and boost your self-esteem.


Patients of any age over five years can benefit from ear surgery. Many adults choose ear surgery to fix the cosmetic deformity of their ears. In many cases, parents may allow their child or teen to undergo ear surgery to correct a physical deformity of the ear that may lead to teasing and emotional distress. Many parents feel that correcting large or misshapen ears early on in childhood will prevent their child from having to deal with unnecessary emotional turmoil and self-esteem issues.


People choose ear surgery to correct a wide range of abnormalities including size, birth defects, and cosmetic damage of the ear. The type of correction needed will influence what technique is utilized during your procedure.

Disproportionately Sized Ears

The most common reason for ear surgery is to correct disproportionately sized ears. Most often, it is for ears that are overly large and stick out from the head. In these cases, a portion of tissue is removed to “pin” the ears back so they lie flat against the head. However, ear surgery can also correct ears that are too small compared to the face or ears that are asymmetrical to each other.

Birth Deformities

Some children are born with deformities of the ear. Often, these deformities are simply a cosmetic issue. However, in other cases, hearing impairment may be associated with these defects. Cosmetic ear surgery doesn’t correct hearing loss, which requires separate, specialized treatment. Birth deformities that can be corrected with ear surgery include:

  • Microtia: Underdeveloped outer ears
  • Stahl’s Ear: Pointed outer ears (“elvish” ears)
  • Constricted ears: Flattened or rolled outer ears
  • Helix deformities

Cosmetically Damaged Ears

Cosmetic damage to the ear is one of the leading reasons adults undergo ear surgery. Most cosmetic damage is to the earlobes as a result of ear piercing. Women and men who have worn heavy earrings for many years will notice that the hole in their earlobe has become stretched. When pronounced enough, it becomes difficult to wear earrings anymore. Many people also feel that their appearance is unsightly.

Other patients seek to correct damage caused by gauging the ears. Ear gauging is the practice of stretching the earlobe. It has become an increasingly popular style. Some adults choose ear surgery to correct gauged ears when they enter a more traditional workforce. Others simply do not like the look of their stretch ears as they’ve aged.

Other cosmetic damage can include ripped earlobes, “cauliflower ears,” or loss of a portion (or all) of the ear.

If you feel that you would benefit from correcting the appearance of your ears, schedule your consultation with Timeless Plastic Surgery today. Contact our office at (281) 242-8463 (TIME), fill out our online contact form or stop by our Sugar Land office near Houston, TX  for additional information.

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